Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Conclusion of Season 1 ABC's Extreme Makeover Weight Loss

With the conclusion to the first season of ABC’s Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition, we wanted to help out some of our readers here who have requested more information on Chris Powell and his Transformation Program.   The only place where you can have access to the entire program and it’s tools is online at . was built so that Chris Powell would be able to bring his program into the homes of everyone.

The first transformation story was David Smith, from which by using the tools of and following the basic principles, David Smith lost over 400 lbs.   


When I weighed 650 pounds, life was meaningless. I felt worthless, alone and hopeless. Today, more than 350 pounds lighter, things couldn’t be more different! I have a renewed sense of joy and a second chance at life. The principles Chris Powell teaches on Reshape the Nation are the same techniques that helped me achieve my miraculous results. “  David Smith

David Smith's amazing weight loss transformation journey all began using Reshape the Nation's principles.  Reshape The Nation and Chris Powell provide new videos every day, customized meal plans and exciting excercise routines, Chris will be helping you every step of the way, just like he helped David Smith.

The program is outlined in 3 simple steps that by using Reshape The Nation Program it helps you create an environment for success.

The basic principles are:
  EAT Our revolutionary NutriPhases™ meal plan makes it simple to know what and when to eat. Every meal is designed to meet the needs of your BodyShape™. No counting, measuring or guessing anymore!
  MOVE Shape the States™ workouts and daily Accelerators are great for all fitness levels and any bodyshape. Join Chris as he helps real people get real results.
  LIVE Daily video support from Chris Powell himself as well as a community of people all transforming their lives one day at a time.

The program is great, it is real, there is a community of other Reshape The Nation subscribers, so there is always someone to talk to, ask questions, or just to chat with about the program.  There are numerous testimonials out there on YouTube, Reshape the Nation etc..  Reshape The Nation also offers a 7 day FREE trial, so you can check it out for FREE and see for yourself, go sign up at  make sure let them know you are a follower and fan of Chris Powell Trainer.

Help yourself to a healthier life!!!!!
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